Gain Special Access to the PSI Discord Server, among other benefits


Entry level subscription to the PSI Discord Server. Gain access to several new categories and channels unavailable to public which include the following:


  • PSI LIFE: #psi-chat for personalized conversation with other members who support and work on PSI.

  • PSI CREATIONS: #academy, a channel for the creation and discussion of PSI education courses digitally and physically, #psi-writing which allows first-hand previews of the upcoming PSI books.

  • PSI CULTURE: #dreaming, a channel for discussion of dreams and interpretation of them, #parenting for tips and advice on parenthood, #relationships for discussion, tips and advice regarding relationships.

  • PSI TRADING / INVESTMENTS: #crypto, a channel for discussion on cryptocurrencies, #investments-trading, which discusses all other investments including the stock market.



Advanced level subscription to the PSI Discord Server. Gain full access to the PSI Science category in addition to accesses to multiple channels spread out across different categories plus the full benefits of PSI Support. The following subscription includes access to these channels:

  • #math-and-logic

  • #astrophysics

  • #phsyics-chemistry

  • #terraforming

  • #biohacking

  • #archaeology-history

  • #propaganda-studies

  • #sociology

  • #psychology

  • #linguistics

  • #files

science image.png


Spiritual and consciousness sciences level subscription to the PSI Discord Server. This subscription is dedicated solely to members who wish to deeply study the intrinsic nature of reality, spirit, consciousness, universal-consciousness; its natural-governing laws, and the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-origin of existence in a non-religious, non-cultic, non-secular, non-esoteric fashion. This rank serves as a hallmark to PSI interests and is strictly scientific.

  • Gain an exclusive title, PSI Titan on the PSI Cortex Discord Server.

  • Full access to PSI Support, PSI Intel and PSI Science.

  • Access to the Spiritual Sciences category which includes multiple channels relating to spirit-sciences, the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-origin of existence, consciousness abilities and more.

  • Spiritual Sciences also gives access to exclusive videos, lectures and answers which thoroughly explain the content and how to apply higher spiritual knowledge in daily, practical life.

  • Gain access to advanced meditation practices, affirmations and consciousness-programming tips and books available exclusively to this tier.

advanced spiritual.jpg


This is an exclusive role only available to couples, married peoples, partnerships etc. If selected, it is mandatory that the Patron of this rank states their username and partner's username in #patron-chat on the PSI Discord Server.

This role gains the following benefits:

  • All of PSI Support's access

  • All of PSI Sciences access

  • All of PSI Spiritual Sciences access

  • In addition to the PSI Couple color for the couple connected to this rank, available exclusively on the PSI Cortex Discord



This is a donation-based rank which gains access to the following benefits: the PSI Discord Server:

  • All of PSI Support's access

  • All of PSI Sciences access

  • All of PSI Spiritual Sciences access

  • In addition, patrons of this rank gain an exclusive 'Ultimate Support' title available only on the PSI Discord with a highlighted color.

ultimate support.jpg


This rank is dedicated toward members who have interest in supporting PSI's operative capabilities and gains benefits on the PSI Discord Server:

  • Gains all the benefits of Ultimate Support. In addition, the title on the PSI Cortex Discord server, "PSI Power", is exclusively given to the member contributing to this rank.

  • Get the paperback book, "The Titan Within" by Jedi Reach,  a book specifically tailored as a cornerstone of PSI.

  • Get the hardback book, "Symbols of the Spiritual Teaching" by Billy Meier, which contains a collection of 624 symbols of the spiritual teaching.

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