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Fluidal-powers - what a mysterious, unknown world hides behind this word! With us in FIGU they were often a  topic - questions over questions arose. The answers to questions led, as soon as they were thought over, again to new questions, and so uncountable pages arose about this extremely interesting and fascinating field of topic in our 'kitchen conversations'.


This book details many topics including organ transplants, so called ghosts and other paranormal activities, cremation vs burial, etc. 




About Fluidal-Energies, respectively, Fluidal-Powers Among Other Things

  • Author: 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier
    Publisher: FIGU Landesgruppe Canada
    Pages: 844
    Format: DIN A5
    Language: German - English
    Binding: Hardback
    Weight: 1.09 kg
    ISBN: 978-0-9918573-9-5