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PSI (Peace Seeking Intelligence)

PSI acts as a docking station for the evolved, and those striving to evolve to the highest relative perfection of their lives utilizing the knowledge and wisdom of the Universal Consciousness and its laws and recommendations.


PSI contains access to advanced knowledge and topics regarding the Universal-Consciousness, Creation-energy/power, incorrectly referred to as "spirit" and "spiritual" knowledge, natural laws and recommendations, discussion and utilization of these forces in daily, practical life, in addition to intel such as propaganda studies, sciences; chemistry, astronomy, technology, physics, sociology, psychology, linguistics, math and logic, and many more.


Meditation courses are all available for free.


PSI also contains a creative wing dedicated toward inspiration, creativity, motivation and balanced-equalized lifestyles. PSI grants members to intertwine with creating music, books, films, and other creative and artistic projects and interests. In addition, PSI also carries a gaming section dedicated toward gamers which is available for free. PSI is a place for pure knowledge and wisdom, where like-minded brothers and sisters around the world come together to create a better version of themselves, humanity and the world around them.


All projects and initiatives are dedicated toward the formation of the greatest-self, which inevitably leads to a better world at large. PSI includes multiple sectors such as PSI Life, Information, Community, Initiatives, Publishing, Gaming, YouTube, Videos, and acts as a digital base representing many different peoples of various backgrounds and cultures united as one.

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