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Elora Vian of Avalon: Shadow Walkers by Jedi Reach (Jedaiah Ramnarine)



Welcome to the world of Avalon, where elves, dwarves, dragons, wizards, and magic await you. Avalon is a novel / audiobook and a love letter to all of fantasy as a whole; an epic high fantasy adventure across time packed with action, mystery, and romance.


Two reincarnated cosmic protectors unite heroes and defend their lands against a tyrannical Draconian empire that has plunged their world into war, but a surprise awaits them that will challenge all they know and change the fate of their world forever.

The two protectors are Jal’Vyn, the human leader of the Reapers, and Elora-Vian, the elven heir to the throne of Gaia – a monstrous life-giving tree that pervades all of Avalon and blesses their world with magic. Together, these two lovers must face and overcome challenges that threaten not only their survival, but all races of Avalon.

It’s time to unite and overcome the darkness within. 


Avalon awaits.

Created & written by Jedi Reach (Jedaiah Ramnarine)

Narrated by Seweryn Lavecchia

Art by Minimalistiker, Fig, Jedi Reach

Edited by Jedi Reach, Ian Makarov, Jordan & Seweryn Lavecchia

Avalon: Shadow Walkers by Jedi Reach
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