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PSI is a global-multilateral lifestyle, creative and digital intelligence network. The PSI Cortex is PSI’s Discord sever which operates as the connecting base of operations where members are free to engage in whichever sections suits them best, and, or, support or contribute toward PSI activities and initiatives.


PSI Cortex contains the following categories which has access to several channels and information:

PSI Life which includes support, welcome, chat, mission, spiritual and meditation channels

PSI Information which includes news, announcements, rules, PSI youtube posts and more

PSI Projects which includes the PSI Academy, author-writing, challenges and goals, publishing, virtual reality and more


PSI Network which includes art, music, humor, entertainment, travel, nature, health, astronomy, science, technology, self-defense and more

PSI Gaming is a section dedicated toward gamers and gaming interests


• PSI Intel is a section dedicated toward general news, math and logic, terraforming, propaganda studies, psychology, and much more

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PSI Origins

Peace Seeking Intelligence is a global intelligence network founded by Jedi Reach aka Jedaiah Ramnarine in 2010, formerly known as Praetor-Sin Industries and Private Sector Intelligence.