For creation of evolved (universal-consciousness) human beings


For innovation, creativity, science, research, education and application of the natural laws of reality (universal-creation) to create advanced and further evolved human beings.


PSI was originally founded in 2011 as Praetor-Sin-Industries by Jedaiah Ramnarine, later to be renamed to Private Sector Intelligence and finally, Peace Seeking Intelligence. The core foundation of PSI was structured on a true-scientific approach, research and application of the natural laws of reality and its utilization for practical and evolutionary benefit.


The goal of PSI was to both uncover and make use of advanced knowledge for the creation of new, evolved human beings in practically all structures and categories, including but not limited to, depending on the individual: sciences of all kinds such as astronomy, biology, medicine, math and logic, creative arts, philosophy, engineering, technology, social studies, sociology, psychology, consciousness related studies and sciences, gaming, propaganda studies and much more.


Naturally, the acronym PSI was not chosen by coincidence, rather, PSI represents factors relating to psychology, psyche, consciousness and fine-material forces. PSI also acts as a docking station for the evolved, and those striving to evolve to the highest relative perfection of their lives utilizing the knowledge and wisdom of the Universal Consciousness and its laws and recommendations.


PSI is a global-multilateral lifestyle, creative and digital intelligence network. The PSI Cortex is PSI’s Discord sever which operates as the connecting base of operations where members are free to engage in whichever sections suits them best, and, or, support or contribute toward PSI activities and initiatives.


PSI Cortex contains the following categories which has access to several channels and information:

• ABOUT PSI which includes support, about-psi, updates, youtube, publishing, rules and ranks.
​• PSI LIFE which includes welcome, psi-chat, spiritual, mission (FIGU), meditation.
• PSI CREATIONS which includes the psi-academy, psi-writing, psi-music, psi-art.
• PSI CULTURE which includes art, music, poetry, nature, travel, food, and more.
• PSI ENTERTAINMENT which includes entertainment, sci-fi-fantasy, books, humor, martial arts and sports.
• PSI LANGUAGES which includes german-deutsch, russian-русский and linguistics.
 PSI INTEL which includes general-news, propaganda-studies, sociology and more.
​• PSI SCIENCES which includes aviation, archaeology, history, astronomy, physics, chemistry, math and logic, technology, health and much more.
​• PSI GAMING which includes virtual-reality, streaming, general gaming, WoW and more. addition to more

FIGU, Billy Meier, Spiritual Teaching Books
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